7 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas Under $30

Tuesday Dec 17th, 2019


7 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas Under $30

Christmas is everyone's favourite holiday! You get to spend time with family, friends,
and get to give back, all while the same Christmas songs get stuck in your head.
Everyone’s counting down the days until the holidays, drinking that nice warm cup of hot
chocolate, and getting those christmas decorations out. Before you know it, Christmas
day is around the corner and you still haven’t started your Christmas shopping. Which is
why it can be the most exciting time of the year but also one of the most stressful times
of the year. Don’t worry, here’s a list of last minute Christmas gift ideas!

1. Gift Basket
➔ Start off by choosing a theme for your basket, it can be anything from a
warm/cozy themed basket with a blanket and some hot chocolate, or even
just a chocolate themed basket with all kinds of different chocolate
related items such as the obvious one, chocolate bars, and maybe even
Hershey's lip balm.

2. Board Game
➔ Board games are always fun and can be a fun activity you can do with
others. It also gives you the opportunity to get away from being in front of
a computer screen or giving yourself a break from being on your phone all

3. Candles
➔ Depending on which store you look at, candles can get a bit pricey, but
they are definitely worth it. They can change an entire atmosphere just by
changing the way a room smells. A nice warm smell such as “Salted
Caramel” or “Apple Cinnamon” can put you in a good mood.

4. Bath Bombs
➔ Whenever you just need to take a break and just relax, taking a bath is a
nice way to do so

5. Pajamas
➔ You can never have too many pajamas! They can be worn all year long and
are warm and fun, so why not?

6. Fun Christmas Socks
➔ Socks are something you use everyday, so by having some fun Christmas
socks, it can get you into the holiday spirit.

7. 500-1000 Piece Puzzle
➔ Puzzles are a good way to get your brain thinking, and with 500 pieces or
more, you can do this fun activity with other people!